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Get Complete Control of Construction Projects With BIM Services

BIM Services facilitate construction professionals to get complete control of their projects. Interference among building systems can be checked with 3D BIM Modeling. Construction companies, implementing BIM in their work processes are able to visualize schematic structures before construction, offering better project plans. Clashes get easily detected, eliminating system conflict …

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Why Homemade Crafts Are Awesome!

Everyone loves receiving something that is homemade! This is one of the reasons Homemade Crafts are so popular. Whether the creations you give are “perfect” or not, they are sure to be appreciated by the receiver. From our earliest days in school when we made cards or gifts for Mother’s …

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Pet Show Party Ideas

I thought of this idea when watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with my daughter. All little girls love dress up. How about dressing up their pets! Since I don’t have the room, nor did I want to manage dogs, cats, and other furry creatures in my home, I …

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Is High-End DIY Decorating A New Trend?

Tradition suggests that when you have graduated college and are setting up house for the first time (married or single) that hand-me-down-furniture and DIY projects are considered the norm. But then tradition did not anticipate the explosive growth of the Internet, the financial losses attributed to the Great Recession or …

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Outsourcing IT Projects – Pros and Cons

As the director of a small internet and development consulting firm, I have been both the outsourcee and outsourcer in my career. Seeing both ends of the environment certainly helps me to make better decisions when it comes to outsourcing web development and marketing work. This article offers a few …

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Arts and Crafts Style Decorating

The terms Arts and Crafts and Mission Style are often used synonymously today. They refer to a style of home design and furnishings emphasizing natural materials, especially wood, and showcasing a pronounced geometry in the design. Their tremendous revival in popularity stems largely from their association with hand-crafted elements (though …

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Crocheting Benefits: Why People Love To Crochet

There are many reasons why people love to crochet. For one, crocheting is therapeutic. Because of its calming, rhythmic movements, many studies have shown positive results for people suffering from chronic depression, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and schizophrenia. Crocheting is also for common ordinary people who simply enjoy the feeling of …

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Mr Walloby’s Christmas Tree Lesson Plan

When I was a little girl, I remember reading “Mr Willowby’s Christmas Tree” by Robert Berry. First published in 1963, this story is lovely tale about how a Christmas tree was too too tall and tossed aside. Throughout the story, many people and creatures found this little discarded tree, provided …

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