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Persona of Indian Crafts

The panoramic view of Indian crafts is a patchwork quilt of many hues and shades of meaning, reflective of interactions with social, economic, cultural and religious forces. The craft world is full of contrasts, a universe of utility products and sacred objects, articles for ritual use and ephemeral festival crafts, …

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Going to Pakistan

Pakistan is a big country in Asia, bordering China, India, Iran and Afghanistan. It is an Islamic country, combining a traditional lifestyle in remote areas with the buzz of modern cities with skyscrapers and developed infrastructure. Pakistan is a country with rich history, which has been witnessing the main events …

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Pottery Industry In Today’s World

Pottery has offered many services to the human race from primordial times. It is amongst the oldest craft and plays an important role in the day to day life of many people. For archaeologists, pottery can be the gauge of a country’s development. Pottery is a very unique art of …

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Wonton – Fun Facts About the Chinese Dumpling

Wonton, or Chinese dumpling, is a staple food popular throughout China. As a Cantonese I am proud to say that the word Wonton comes from Cantonese rather than Mandarin, as the dumplings were likely introduced to the West by early settlers in Chinatown, who came primarily from the Cantonese-speaking coastal …

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Art and Craft From Ladakh and Leh in India

Leh is the second largest Indian district area wise. It is situated in Ladakh, one of the three regions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In the early days, Leh used to be a stopover on the trade route between India and China. Most of the city is about …

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Handmade Silver Jewelry and Silverware From Thailand

Formerly introduced in Thailand by the Indian traders, the original techniques of silver ware and jewelry making have slowly evolved through the influences of various periods of art. Particularly in Northern Thailand – a cultural melting pot for over 1,000 years – silver work originated as a result of Burmese …

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Handicrafts, A Treasure Since Inception

India, from its very ancient and Vedic times has been known for its handicraft skills and people who pursue handicrafts. Handicraft industry was use to be one of the most popular cottage industry of all times, and it did provide a lot of jobs to the people around the country, …

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How the Cricut Expression Can Help Teachers in the Classroom

For many teachers, the Cricut Expression die cut machine tops their back-to-school wish list of classroom tools. This die cut machine by manufacturer Provo Craft, typically used by scrapbookers and other crafters, has many features and add-on accessories, including the Classmate line of educational cartridges, which will not only make …

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