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The Best European Destinations in Winter

Winter wears many disguises in Europe. As the north shivers under snowy blanket, the Mediterranean enjoys warm sunbeams. While Europe is breathtaking throughout the year, the Christmas spirit spread throughout the destination makes it a fantastical place to visit. Rovaniemi, Finland The official residence of Santa Claus is a must-see …

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY – Basement Underpinning

From the time when prehistoric man first started using stone tools in his daily life doing it yourself was a way of life. Over the centuries, as building techniques developed to become more complex and simple tools have evolved into sophisticated machines, the job of the amateur handyman has become …

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Creating the Perfect Craft Show Display

A craft show is one great opportunity for any crafts maker to showcase the products borne out of one’s creativity and hard work. The way you present your art will definitely affect the number of people that will visit your exhibit and pay attention to what you are selling. One …

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Preserving Precious Memories by Handmade Craft

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. It is a really inspiring and beautiful quote. Life is fast and beautiful moments come and pass by and we might not realize how important it is to preserve that moment as a part …

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Christmas Trivia

Everyone enjoys the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and decorating. Children love to write letters to Santa and get a reply with an envelope stamped “North Pole”. But even more fascinating is the origins of many of our beloved Christmas traditions. Exchanging Gifts: In ancient times holiday meals were …

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DIY Window Replacement Project Tips

Windows provide us with a view of the outside world while bringing the beauty of sunshine into our home. Windows, however, are much more than just a view. In fact, they help to shield us from the harsh weather that mother nature often sees fit to serve up, including rain, …

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Wearing Beaded Flowers

Beaded flowers can be a part of your everyday jewelry, as well as being an important accessory on some very special days. For everyday accessorizing, use them as hair decorations. A sweet headband of beaded flowers in a little girl’s favorite color will be treasured for years. If the little …

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